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Save on Boom Lift Rentals, Leases and Sales

With, it's easy to find great prices on boom lifts from the top local dealers in your area. Whether you are looking for a price quote on a boom lift rental in Los Angeles for the high school football season, or you need to buy a boom lift for a warehouse in New York City, is the best place to find low prices. is the easiest place to find quick, no obligation price quotes from multiple boom lift dealers in your area. Getting boom lifts from local suppliers can help you save both time and money, as you typically are charged lower delivery fees and you will get your equipment sooner. You typically have three ways to finance your lift equipment:

  • Boom Lift Rentals - renting equipment is great for one-day or short term projects. Rentals offer low rates, and you can rent by the day, week or month. The main advantage of rentals is that you don't get locked into a contract or certain piece of equipment.
  • Boom Lift Leases - leases offer lower monthly rates compared to rentals, but they require you to sign a slightly longer contract. One of the main advantages of leases are that you will never have to worry about your equipment failing because if it does, you aren't in charge of maintenance and repairs.
  • Boom Lift Sales - if you plan on using it for a few years, then purchasing a new or used boom lift that has a warranty is the best option. When buying used equipment it's important to do a thorough test of all the parts, and a warranty is a good way to protect yourself in case anything goes wrong.

Types of Boom Lifts

  • Articulating Boom Lifts - the aerial platform is supported by an "arm", or two beams with a common hinge. These are the most maneuverable lifts, as they can move in any direction, making it easy to perform multiple jobs, without changing the base position.
  • Telescopic Boom Lifts - the aerial platform is supported by one beam that can extend out. The advantages of this type of lift are that because there are less moving parts, it's extremely durable and long lasting with fewer repairs needed.
  • Towable Boom Lifts - also referred to as wheeled lifts, these come with wheels and a trailer hitch, making them easy to transport to and from warehouses, construction sites, or anywhere else you need help accessing hard to reach spaces.