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Compare Prices on Cherry Pickers and Man Lifts

If you are looking for great prices on all types of cherry pickers, then you've come to the right place. We have partnered with the top cherry picker dealers throughout the United States, so whether you need to get prices on a used cherry picker, or you've been trying to find out how much cherry picker rentals cost, can help.

Cherry pickers are typically designed to only lift one person, which is why they are often called manlifts or man lifts, but some models have enough space to lift more than one person at a time. Cherry pickers can either be attached to the back of a large truck, or attached to a small trailer, so they are easy to transport. Cherry pickers are often used trim trees, repairing telephone lines, setting up cable, pick fruit in orchards (hence the name) and other tasks that are performed in high areas.

Find Deals on Cherry Picker Rentals

There is a large range in prices when it comes to renting a cherry picker. Most companies offer daily, weekly, and monthly rates and the per day rates decrease the longer you rent it for. Cherry pickers come in a large range of sizes, with the tallest reaching up to 125 feet and the smallest reaching 40 feet. Here are some typical rental rates:

40 ft cherry picker rentals:

  • Daily: about $200
  • Weekly: about $600
  • Monthly: about $1800

125 ft cherry picker rentals:

  • Daily: about $1000
  • Weekly: about $3000
  • Monthly: about $6000